Italian Restaurants deal by Angelina's Villa Pizza & Pasta - Columbus, OH

Yes! I highly recommend their food. Easy to find. When take friends out for homecooking, this is the place. Italian dishes are wonderful. And you can even watch televison while you enjoy your meal.

I've have eaten at Anglina's for years, and I rate them four stars for great customer service, friendly atmosphere, great food. I tell all my family and friends about their great food. When we take the grand-kids on outings we go there.

Just thought I would share this experience!

My husband decided to call back once again trying to resolve this issue. He spoke with Dustin " the owner's nephew" and was told that I was speaking with the OWNER. Yes the Owner/Manager HUNG-UP on me. I was so shock to believe that a business owner would give such POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. I also do believe that my Race and Class had something to do with my Customer Service. I am just like any other hard working American and deserve respect. I did pay for an Italian sub and NEVER received any Lettuce or tomato or replacement sub. It's sad because the food was good but I will never spend another dollar at Angelina's Villa and will discourage anyone else from being subjected to such Horrible Customer Service.

Tonight was the first time I ever ordered anything from Angelina's Villa. I received a flyer with a menu attached and decided to give them a my kids love Pizza. I'm a hard worker and cherish every dime I earn but I was truely jipped of not only money but RESPECT. After receiving a wrong order I call Angelina' Villa and adviced the person who I was speaking to that my order was wrong. On my Italian sub I order with sausage, I received a sub with no sausage or lettuce or tomato. While I was expressing to the worker that although my food was good I still wanted my order corrected. The person on the other line told me I didn't pay for the extra sausage, I responded with "the original person who placed my order read my exact order back to me correctly including the extra sausage". The worker continued to argue with me insisting that I wasn't charged. I then looked to see if I had a copy of the receipt ( which was not given with the order). Once I told him I had no way of verifying that I did not pay for the sausage and asked for a copy of the receipt I told him that I don't have money to give away. He told me that he would send a delivery person to replace my lettuce and tomato but not the sausage. I disagreed with him again and told him it's not about the sausage it the principal. He told me "You can take your business elsewhere" and HUNG-UP on me. When I called back I reported that I was HUNG-UP on and demanded to know the worker's name. He said his name was Tony. I HUNG-UP and noted the name and restaurant so I will have it to report to the BBB.