Italian Restaurants deal by Mama Mimi's Take N Bake Pizza - Columbus, OH

Well, if Mama Mimi's on the list.... why isn't DiGiorno's, Freshetta, and Tombstone (which, in my opinion, are actually much better than Mama Mimi's). The pizza is more dry than Norm MacDonald's sense of humor, and the sauce is pretty much non-existent. How does this place keep getting voted number 1 in Columbus??? Now, I'm an overweight man, so I've pretty much tried every pizza place in Columbus... and if you're really wondering which pizza places are the best, try Adriatico's (Campus), Flying Pizza (off Bethel/Campus), Pizza Plus (Bexley/Gahanna), Rotolo's (Grandview), and Enrico's (Dublin).


Anyone that has REALLY tried this place knows that it is awsome!! Real dough with some flavor, great sauce & if you want more sauce then just ask!! Gourmet toppings like chicken, pesto, roasted garlic, fresh basil & more!! The staff is so nice & helpful, they will make anything you want!! I know because I eat there 1-2 times a week!! Maybe ""Fun Boy"" forgot to turn his oven on???

I love trying new pizza places, but Mama Mimi will not be one I will add to my list of good pizza. I didn't like the way it taste or smelled. If I had to chose a good pizza place it would be Flying Pizza on Bethel.

Where else in town can you get a pizza with carmelized onions,feta cheese, and sundried tomato to eat at home?I love the ease of preperation and cleanup is nada.The lasagna is awesome for family gatherings.Some people drink Flgers but I lIve for Starbucks.Try this for your uptown tastes with great friendly staff.Mama we Love You!!!!

I have to say that this place is very nice. People are friendly, and will help you if you have any questions or want recommendations. I love the pesto chicken pizza. This pizza is fully of quality ingredients and I love the smell of cooking pizza at home. I eat the salad while I wait for the pizza to cook. Definitely a must try place for newbies. I've almost filled up my punch card for a free pizza, that's how much I enjoy Mama's. I always go to the one close to campus.

My wife gets together with friends on the weekends and scrapbooks. She likes to pick up the family a pizza the Suprano Supremo and we can make it when she goes out. She takes along anouther pizza for the group and it is always a hit. I know that around our house when the kids want a pizza Mama Mimi's is the one that they ask for most.

This pizza is wonderful. When you walk in to pick up your pizza, you can tell that you are getting quality food just from the wonderful smell of all the ingredients. If they made an airfreshener out of this I would stock up on it.

We love to pick up Mama Mimis and bake it ourselves. The house smells wonderful as the pizza is cooking. The ingredients are extremely fresh, not like your typical delivery type pizza (where the toppings are previously frozen and the herbs are dried). Mama Mimis has freshly cut basil on it's Queen Margharita Pizza (our favorite).

Our family loves Mama Mimi's pizza. The choice of toppings are superior to other pizza places. The variety is unique, with a gourmet flair. We love baking our own just the way we want it. The staff is very friendly and it is family owned. Much better than the corporate pizzas! Keep up the good work!!

I do not know who is writing all these positive reviews, because everyone I talked to is disgusted by the pizza's. The crust was tasteless, as was the sauce. The price was quite high for a pizza that is not even cooked.

My husband & I get the veggie loaded (I mean LOADED) w/ fresh veggies like spinach, zucchini & artichoke hrts. My kids get 1/2 pepp. & 1/2 black olive! It's the best! The employees are friendly & knowledgeable, they even have toys in the store to keep my kids busy while they make my pizzas. And...just try to get a Caesar salad or tiramisu like theirs' anywhere else in town! Don't knock it until you REALLY try it! I can't believe anyone that has actually eaten Mama Mimi's doesn't really love it!

When your kids tell you this is the only pizza they will eat, then you can't go wrong!

We stopped in to Mama Mimi's last night to pick up our order - we called it in & the girl on the phone was very friendly - as always!!! We read on the special board that there is a new pizza w/ apricot glaze, chicken, caramelized onions & gorgonzola. We mentioned that we wished we hadn't already ordered because we wanted to try it & they let us change our order, even thought they had already made our pizza! We took home the Mama's Marmelletta (sp?) pizza & I am telling was incredible. People...try this pie! You will not believe how good it is! We love all their pizzas, but this new one is the best we've ever had. We are going back to get another one tonight!

First I ordered over the phone and was new to this place. I asked a couple of general questions about the pizza and toppings. The girl on the phone sighed and kindof helped but she was not that nice. Strike one. When I did pick up my pizza they told me ten minutes, it was 15!! Strike two. I also ordered the tiramisu which said it was homemade and I know my tiramisu- it's bought people!! Strike three. I will never recommend this place to anyone. This place is a complete joke.

I recently read a positive review in the Other Paper and sought this place out.Apparently they have been selected as one of the 4 best pizza shops in the country by a Pizza magazine.The pizza selected had orange marmelade fot the sauce and chicken carmelized onions and I think blue cheese.I thought it was odd but trusted the reviewer and was he ever right!This pizza is awesome!I never would have tried this but will be coming back for some of the other choices.

Good value - pizza is just okay. The sauce is pretty good, but the other ingredients are lackluster - could be much better.

This is gourmet stuff even if it is the form of a pizza!!

The baking takes a bit of finesse, but it is worth it when you get it down. The staff will tell you exactly how to do it if you ask!

I have been eating this pizza since their day 1. I cannot rave enough about it. I have eaten probably hundreds of them and have never been disappointed. The ingredients are the finest quality and of the utmost freshness! And the number of choices is staggering. Try asking the staff to choose three different pizzas for you and serve them at your next party. My guests are literally lined up at the oven waiting for them to come out one by one!

Hate this place!! Never had such a horrible experience. I reccomend making my own pizza than ever going to this place again. I thought it was gourmet but could make it better myself.

We eat pizza and lasagna and salads from Mama Mimi's at least a few times per month. It's fast, easy and tastes great, and the kids love the pizza too. Love to eat the breadsticks while we're waiting for the pizza to finish cooking.

I highly recommend this for taste, convenience and service. Enjoy!

Oh, I would call the breadsticks just okay. Good, but nothing special the way that the other items from Mama Mimi's always are.

Salads & dressings were both good.

I'd say my favorite - to my great surprise - was the meatball lasagna. Simply put: delicious. I LOVED it.

We enjoy making the pizza at home; the smell is intoxicating and it's easier to time it up so the pizza is hot when everyone is ready to sit down and eat.

I have thoroughly enjoyed every item. Highlights for me and my family: Moltansanti, Polpetina Grande and Mama's Marmaletta Amore. Also, the tiramisu, particularly the coffee sauce. Fantastic!

I have now had what I consider the full gamut of their menu: many different types of pizzas, plus salad, lasagna, breadsticks and Tiramisu.

We love Mama Mimi's! The pizza is fresh and the toppings delicious and varied. I love their veggie pizza. Also, don't miss the cinnamon rolls they have 2x a year - they are our Christmas tradition!