Italian Restaurants deal by The Spaghetti Warehouse - Columbus, OH

Spaghetti Warehouse offers dishes that combine old world Italian traditions with American abundance. The restaurant features a festive atmosphere and large seating capacity and has more than 20 locations in nine states, including one in Columbus, Ohio. Its establishments are ideal for family celebrations and group gatherings. In 1972, the first Spaghetti Warehouse opened in the West End District of downtown Dallas. The restaurant serves appetizers, salads, soups, combination platters, warehouse parmigianas, desserts and beverages. It also offers a children s menu that includes cheese sticks, chicken strips, pizzas and vanilla ice cream. Spaghetti Warehouse is a part of the Frandeli Group, which is a chain restaurant investment and development company.

Spaghetti Warehouse has been around for many years and still is a fun place to eat. The food is good, service is good and convenient to downtown and lots of parking. Would recommend for kids too.

My wife and I ate here recently. I was very surprised by the prices and portions. The food was great along with the service. We arrived at prime dinner time on a Friday and was seated immediately. This place seats 800. I would definitely recommend this for a date or family event.

This restaraunt is great! The service is nice, and the atmosphere is very vintage. The food is wonderful, and very authentic. This is not your cookie cutter italian restaraunt. Very fun and would recommend to families, even with little children. All around great restaraunt.

The pace was okay. Didn't have to wait long. However the food was just mediocre. I had been to Spaghetti Warehouse in Toledo and thought the food was much better there. Our bread was hard. And service was great until time to leave. They kept pressuring us for a dessert.

Spaghetti Warehouse is a wonderful restaurant. I love every thing about it!!! Located in an actual turn of the century downtown warehouse, it has a charm all it's own. The inside ambiance is casual and laid-back. The decor is a light hearted hodge podge of vintage kitsch, everything from old movie poster's, church stain glass windows, to a trolley car converted to serve meals in. Let's not forget the food. If you love traditional Italian cuisine the Spaghetti Warehouse aims to please. I recommend their lasagna and angel hair pasta combo (my personal favorite). Anyone seeking a fun, casual meal at a reasonable price look no further than the Spaghetti Warehouse.

I went to the spaghetti warehouse for dinner about two weeks ago and the food was great, I had the spicy shrimp asparagus pasta which was really good, I did not care for the shrimp tails being left on though. I love the spaghetti warehouses building; its decor is really interesting. The best part about my experience at the spaghetti warehouse is the service; our waiter was friendly, informed and timely. This is all I could ask for when I go out to eat.

Canned tomatoes and dry basil is not an Italian marinara sauce. Service was slow. Where was the waiter? We had to ask for the salad, drinks, and bread. Restaurant is very noisy. Food was awful.

Ive been here a number of time, throughout the numbers of years i have lived in Columbus. During its hay day i bet this place was great. However, it has gone down hill. The pasta seems like it was has been sitting around and soggy. Columbus has much better places for Italian.

We recently took a group of 30 to Spaghetti Warehouse. What great service! Our meals were served in a timely and efficient manner. We were all served and ready to leave in an hour. Our group likes to have dinner then attend a local concert. We can always depend on Spaghetti Warehouse to get us in and out in plenty of time for the concert.

this was my 1st time to spaghetti warehouse and I will never return. our food was very, very bland as though the chef didn't taste anything prior to plating it. our waiter was the worst server i have ever had--it took him 5 tries to even come close to getting our bills correct! I finally wrote out what each couple had ordered and he still didn't bring the correct bills to us and had the gall to say to us that hopefully they were close enough because he wasn't redoing them! I will never return here again! The food even made some in our party ill.

I think the first time I went there was 30+ years ago. I have always remembered it as being pretty good, but my last two visits were not so great. While the decor has stood the test of time, the menu is very dated. Food is bland, and the wait staff is mediocre at best. I know restaurants are having money issues now a days, but don't make your cuts on the food and service people. Revitalize the menu...get some items that are fresh and pop, or it might be the end for this Columbus icon.

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Spaghetti Warehouse has stood the test of time in my book. Its a Columbus icon and sometimes it's better not to fix what is not broken. Alot of people slam this restaurant because the menu is dated or the decor hasn't changed, etc. That what makes it great, to me. I know exactly what I'm going to be tasting and it will be the same every time. The bread and salad are by far one of my favorite parts of the meal. The staff and ambiance are consistent - we've always had waiters that know what they're doing and are on the ball. Yes, there is better Italian in town, but for a visit downtown in a classic establishment with decent food for the price, you can't beat it. Lots of great memories here and hope it's around forever!

I think they lacked workers and their bathrooms needed work. Food came out cold. It was good. Spaghetti don't taste too bad cold-like. Of course I am not able to speak for those who are able to eat slightly cold things. Bathrooms especially in the back area needed work. Did not lock and soap was not on hand.

wow i cant believe how bad the food was at this place. yea it was a good deal but i couldnt eat it so how good of a deal was it really, there was nothing good at all not the salad not the pasta not the serivce if i remember correctly even the carbonated drinks were kinda flat, i dont get how these people are still in buisness. dont waste your time and money.

For a party food can come to you cold. When I was in that party the back of the restaurant the restrooms needed attention. The food was good but cold. Salvatore did not like a comment a person had made about the restaurant maybe Salvatore works there. Possibly. Still if a website is created to make comments or a rating you should accept the ratings and comments as a critic as most of us are when we go on these websites. It is expected. When you stated that person should not go to your restaurant that they would not be satisfied then things that were brought up maybe it was true and it needed work on either that restaurant or yours. Then Salvatore stated any negative comment that was made about it that there was a name for that person. So Salvatore I challenge you what is the name of your restaurant so paying customers can come and eat and try out your restaurant. So Salvatore do you work for this restaurant are you the manager? Everybody has an opinion it would not be American not having the right to do so.

I miss the other Spaghetti Warehouse ""ambiance"". I'm hopping to see it soon XD.

But I don't know what happened with this branch, It look likes they really need new staff or more so change the whole management. Things are in mess and dirty (didn't able to use the comfort room) and food are cold as my iced tea.

Well I have visited other spaghetti Warehouse branch and I'm happy with them and kids are entertained with these old arcade games and antiques stuff..

Our server was great, she did a great job up-selling items (my Fiance' is actually a restaurant manager and commented on this specifically) and our food was fantastic. We had a wonderful experience and will be back in October for our Rehearsal Dinner, if not sooner!

We spoke to the manager when we arrived and she was really great- very friendly and accommodating. She was also very knowledgeable about vegan diets, which was wonderful since being vegan it can be difficult to eat out at new restaurants.

I am really surprised by all the poor reviews! My Fiance' and I went for the first time this past Tuesday evening. We loved the decor, all the antiques, etc. SW had been recommended to us for our Rehearsal Dinner site for our upcoming wedding by some friends, so we decided to eat here and try it.

Give it a try but don'e expect too much. :)

My 4 year old daughter loves this place. Her favorite part is eating in the trolly. We usually only go here before or after a show we are seeing down town. This was the first time we have eaten here for dinner and not had to wait to be seated. Food arrived fast and the waitress and staff was very friendly. The food is just OK... I can make the same thing on the stove for the family, but the environment and appeal is worth a dine.