Sushi Bars deal by Sushi En - Columbus, OH

Uh.. no.. i couldnt even eat it! It was GROSSLY over priced for what you got, the staff wasnt very friendly and the sushi rolls werent even rolled properly! One thing I really hate is trying to eat sushi and the rolls are falling apart!!!!! The rice didnt seem done and it wasnt sticking together - the veggies weren't very fresh! Not impressed at all! Drive the extra 10 minutes and go over to Sushi Ko at Crosswoods in Worthington! OH and the tables were packed on top of each other, it wasnt a very pleasant dining experience!

Sushi En is by far the best sushi I've had in Columbus. Be sure to make a reservation on the weekend.

I couldn't disagree more with the previous reviewer who preferred Sushi Ko. That place is okay but Sushi En pretty much stomps the competition in Columbus. A better menu, fresher fish, better service, and next to a better movie theater. I found everything to my satisfaction, the fish was startlingly fresh for Columbus, much more so than other area restaurants. This place's sushi is on par with places in CA and NY, even if it's not quite as hip. I'd definitely recommend a try. Their tuna especially was amazing.

Out of all the sushi restaurants I have been to in Columbus, this is by far the best one! The rolls are very unique and the fish is very fresh. If you're up in the Polaris area, try it out!

I agree with both reviews made. Only partially however. The food, GREAT! The service, not so great. I have encountered 3 rude people at the restaurant, however, the food quality makes up for the rudeness. I think their sushi is 2nd best in Columbus, first is Asian Gourmet in Gahanna. The prices are pricey, however the lunch menu isn't bad regarding pricing. You have GOT to try the salmon bowl appetizer, it is the best around (make sure you add avocado). I work on Polaris and frequent this place often. If you don't mind service without a smile, but great food, this is the place. I say this but follow it up with the fact that they have hired a VERY nice blond'ish haired young guy that was extra nice last time I was there.

GETTING THERE: Since it's pretty much right next to the Rave Movie Theater, parking was a little hard to come by on a Saturday night, but other than a little traffic and a bit of a walk, it was certainly better than parking somewhere downtown would have been!

PRICE: While you can certainly order cheaper options, the price was slightly steeper than most Japanese restaurants. Japanese restaurants are of course never cheap (would you still eat the sushi if there if it were?!), but this was definitely a higher end restaurant.

SERVICE: The service was excellent. All of the food and drinks came in a timely manner, and the waiter was more than happy to oblige my boyfriend by bringing him a fork for his food. He even brought it folded in a napkin, so it wouldn't be so obvious that my boyfriend couldn't use chopsticks! Very smooth move!

FOOD: The food was great. Very fresh sushi, with lots of different combinations (not just the standard ebi-nigiri-zushi (shrimp sushi) and California rolls). Definitely stuff for everyone from those who refuse to even try raw fish to those who want something a little more daring and new.

ATMOSPHERE: I lived in Japan for three years, and this restaurant (aside from being much larger than most restaurants in Japan) had the feel of a very modern Japanese restaurant. It was very chic but with nice traditional influences. It was quiet but everyone seemed comfortable and seemed to be enjoying themselves and the food. There are open tables, a long sushi bar, and even private rooms for larger groups or parties. While some people came in dressed like sweaty tourists, my boyfriend and I dressed nice-casual and felt perfectly comfortable. (I think I would have felt weird were I dressed down. I don't like it when a waiter is dressed more nicely than I am!)

This was a WONDERFUL restaurant! My boyfriend recently took me there on a coworker's recommendation, and it was superb.

I would recommend Sushi En to friends family coworkers, you name it :)

Everything is served promptly and I have never once been dishappy with anything I got.

Its a cozy place, so the seating is and can be a little tight. Sometimes the service can be a little lax, meaning they don't always pay attention to their tables, refills, things like that.

I love this place, its great sushi for the area, meaning if you live or work here. I think that the menu is fantastic and if it is not on the menu and you ask for it... they will do it for you (if they can).

This is place is very nice and conviently located next to the Rave theater so you can go see a movie after you eat dinner.

Their food is very good, very big portion sizes, so you definitely get your moneys worth. Their ginger dressing for their house salad is to die for, granted the salad is made up of iceberg lettuce(which I really don't like) but the dressing really makes up for that. And they even give you an orange at then end of your meal that is all cut up in different ways that make it look unique. It's a very refreshing treat after you eat.

I would highly recommend Sushi En to anyone! Me and my fiance have been there 4-5 times and we have always had excellent service and great food. Most of the time we have gone we have coincidently had the same waiter but he was very personable and very helpful with the menu if you didn't know what something was.

This is not the one. And I will tell all my friends and family not to go to this place.

Food is ok. Good thing is there are so many good restaurants to choose from in Columbus.

They act like we shouldn't even be there. Especially that ""what be white"" female waitress.

service is horrible.

Try the sushi boat for two. So good, so yummy.