Chinese Restaurants deal by China 1 - Dayton, OH

I like this place with a brief period of being turned off by the smell of it when I was pregnant. I'm always too full after eating here so now I get the Veggie dishes. They give you a lot of food.

Was recommended to me by a friend and so I gave it a shot. I ordered a Lo Mein dish which was quite tasty. They were really friendly and I quite enjoyed my takeout. The prices are great, I definitely would recommend.

I was placing an order for delivery and the lady I talked to was rude and just hung up on me before I was finished talking. Just from that incident, I will not order from them again. We haven't tasted the food yet and I know for a fact that the food will be terrible because of that terrible experience on the phone. Because of the lack of service, I would not recommend this restaurant at all....

My son and I order from here also,,mainly get the General Tso chicken dish,,sometimes with egg rolls or Crab rangoon(sp).We both like this place,,always get delivery or carryout,,the dining room itself isnt all that fancy but the food is very good.

i am new to ohio and im glade that you guys are the only place that delivers and for that i thank you

If you gave them a chance I assure you , you would go back time & time again,, they are very nice, yes sometimes hard to understand , BUT The FOOD IS OUTSTANDING, I have yet to get anything that is not flavorable. Your really missing out...Sometime you need to forgive not all of us is perfect..BEST IN TOWN!

We always order delivery from here and it is always delivered fast and fresh. The taste and quality are great and the people are always friendly.

ordered cashew chicken smell just like fish. the chicken was bad. called to complain but they did not speak english. or they act like they did not when I ask for a refund.

How can you mess up chicken and broccoli?? First, that is NOT chicken!! It was tan chewy fat. Every single piece of it was unedible! The vegetables were RAW and rock hard! The shrimp had a strong fish smell (I learned after he ran to the restroom) and gave my son explosive diarrhea.

I've ordered several times and believe the bad reviews to be under different employees or owners. The current staff is a young couple who do a terrific job and are very nice. Terrific food. Quick delivery and good prices. Try the wonton egg drop mixed souo

we order all the time from China1 they are fast & its always fresh...