Chinese Restaurants deal by China Wok - Dayton, OH

other than that. Five dollar Tuesdays are a great deal. but after 3pm be prepared to wait for a bed :/

be fine.

to over draft my account and the guy told me when i signed up that if i canceled by end of the month i would

the month and they said sorry but they already charged you for next month. i was mad b/c it caused me

account the first of the month. they do it like the 20th of every month. I went to cancel the 21st of

another thing is if you get the membership be aware of cancel dates! They dont charge your

sometimes." ok the top of the bed was on top of me!! that's not normal. i was pissed.

back into place with a loud clunk. when i complained they didn't do anything. the guy told me "yah that happens

made such a loud noise and the top was now on top of me! l freaked out! as i was opening the top it shifted

was laying in the bed i could see there was loose screws.....the top shifted over the opening of the bed

they got it replaced or fixed. The level 2 beds are automatic closing, which i didn't like. but as i

talking about how it was broken and the top smashed down on one of the employees. I figured

Dislikes: I was tanning once in a level 2 and the guy put me in a room that i remember him

ask for one. Level ones are pitiful. go for level 2.

i really like the level 2 beds! Some of them have CD/Radios built it. Make sure you

i paid like a little less than 30 bucks for unlimited level one bed and like 12 min in level 2.

with friends who just paid for the minutes they were paying 15-20 dollars a session.

tan in any bed. I was a VIP member and i saved a lot of money. when i went

new members. I bought any one bottle of lotion and got a week unlimited

Likes: I was very impressed with their beds. They also have good deals for