Chinese Restaurants deal by Little Saigon - Dayton, OH

You have to really be careful. On more than one occasion I began eating food before realizing that the vegetarian food that I had ordered had real meat. They do have faux meat options, but are not very careful to make sure that it is not real meat in your dish. Also occurred in the appetizers. Also, the curry and the orangish sauce that you pour over many of the dishes, such as the vermicelli, have fish sauce in them. I think you can request to have them without, but I really wouldn't trust it based on my experience. Other than these concerns, the food is usually okay and unique for this area. The restaurant does not seam really clean, however, and they use one of the 2 bathroom stalls to store things. The stall was locked but I was able to peek through and some of the boxes were even labeled as food boxes. Granted, I don't know if they contained food or not but that is still disconcerting.