Chinese Restaurants deal by P.F. Chang's - Dayton, OH

Chinese Restaurants deal by P.F. Chang's - Dayton, OH

P.F. Chang’s is a restaurant concept that honors the 2,000-year-old Asian tradition of wok cooking and believes in making food from scratch every day in every restaurant. With a Farm to Wok food philosophy at its core, P.F. Chang’s chefs hand-roll dim sum, hand chop and slice all vegetables and meats, handcraft every sauce and wok-cook each recipe, every day in every restaurant using fresh ingredients. With roots in Chinese cooking, the culinary landscape at P.F. Chang’s now stretches across Asia with diverse, culturally inspired recipes including hand-rolled sushi, Vietnamese-style soups and bowls, traditional Chinese dim sum, wok-fired chicken and beef entrees, and family style noodles and rice. All made from scratch every day.

Ate lunch here with a business associate and throughly enjoyed it. Lettuce wraps were great. We had the pepper steak and soup and an orange chicken that was great. I would recommend this dining experience. Service was excellent.

Not the cheapest chinese restaurant, but it is worth the money. The lettuce wraps are excellent. Great service!

The portion sizes are enough to feed 2 people. But the overall cost for a meal is a bit pricey compared to other Chinese Restaurants. If the cost we're closer to that of a typical Chinese Restaurant and not that of a Steakhouse, I would give P.F. Chang's a 5 star rating. Some of their items taste that good.

P.F. Chang's like any restaurant is hit or miss with their food. Some items are amazingly flavorful and others items you'll wonder why you came there to begin with. However you find the right items you like and you will keep coming back. I myself like the Spicy Chicken, Chicken Lettuce Wraps and their Hot & Sour Soup.