Chinese Restaurants deal by Szechuan Garden - Dayton, OH

Absolutely Horrible Rude Customer Service. I have ordered here several times, the person who answered the phone had a horrible attitude, and hung up on me twice, even after I called back to cancel the order because of the way I was treated. The manager called back and defended her actions. Being a customer service manager myself, I would have fired an employee on the spot for treating a customer that way!

I was quite suprised about the one negative review, my family and I always order from here when we are wanting Chinese delivered, unlike the other review about the rude treatment, I can say most assuredley we have never experienced such a thing from them. The portions are great, as matter of fact I'll put it to you like this, we have been ordering from here for 3 years and we are not gonna stop, a must try if you live in there location!