Italian Restaurants deal by Franco's Ristorante Italiano - Dayton, OH

Franco does it right! The family atmosphere is great and the food is even better. Go here tonight!!!

I went there for lunch. Told the waitress I needed another minute, well, she forgot and showed up about 7 minutes later. But I never judge a restaurant on a bad server. My ""salad"" was so wilted I could only suspect it was put under a heat lamp. It was just an escarole leaf lettuce mix ? nothing else! The dressing was in a lovely plastic ramekin with the lid still on (classy!) So, there was no eating that wilted mess. My partner had a Tomato soup that died a quick death in cilantro and chopped onions. I had one of the ?specials? for lunch?baked Tilapia with pasta. The Tilapia was covered in some Lowry's salt/Old Bay Seasoning, so I had to start eating to realize that the fish was uncooked, and I mean, like still cold when I flipped it and touched the center! The pasta was a linguine that looked like it had sat in olive oil, was refrigerated and then reheated in a microwave. The pasta was tough and had a grimy texture. told them I did not want it re-cooked. Well, they said they took it off the bill for me (gee, thanks, given I barely touched the thing.) My partner had the Fried Cod sandwich with fries. His cod was OK, but the inside leaked water onto the plate so then he had a water puddle on his plate. I then requested a dessert to go (which they did charge me for?) Anyways, it was the frozen tiramisu you can get from GFS or Sam?s ?too bad they ruined it by drowning it in cheap chocolate sauce. So, all of that, with a Pepsi and SierraMist cost eighteen dollars and some change. I would not give them a second chance, and I work within walking distance. The restaurant is just sucking off the teat of being close to Oregon District and The Pub and thinks it can overcharge for pre-made and frozen meals and that they have ambience. Please, you can go there for location, or looks, but do not claim to go there for the food. When the ?specials? aren?t even freshly made?that?s not Italian?I could have had better at Fazoli?s. (Dined on 12-28-07.)

I just at lunch at Franco's today with a good friend. I was expecting the same good food as last time. I ordered the Italian Sub on their lunch time menu. It was nothing more than a cold cut sandwich with mayonnaise on a stale bun. I ate one half of it. When I mentioned the stale bun to the waitress at bill time, she said I should have said something earlier. We happened to eat on the patio and didn't see her until bill time. She said if I would have mentioned it earlier she could have made an adjustment. Maybe I didn't get an adjustment, but I can make one. I will never return to Franco's.