Sushi Bars deal by Thai 9 - Dayton, OH

Thai 9 is a full-service restaurant that offers Thai cuisine with sushi and sashimi. The restaurant serves a variety of appetizers, salads, soups, rolls, desserts and beverages. Its menu includes carrot and cabbage slaw, chicken stay, coco shrimp, crab Rangoon, egg noodle shrimp, fish cakes and chicken wings. Thai 9 also provides mango, papaya, beef, shrimp, seafood and spicy mung bean noodle salads. The restaurant also serves a range of noodles, curry, seafood and fried rice options. It additionally offers spare rib pepper garlic, salmon, steamed fish, green mussels, pine nut chicken, sushi rice and tuna tataki. Thai 9 is located in Dayton, Ohio.

We just moved to the area and love Thai food so we thought we'd try out Thai Nine. It was much better than we hoped! The decor was very modern and the food was very good. There was a large menu selection. The service was fast and very friendly too. I loved that the portions were a healthy-size, meaning they are probably smaller than what you may expect. Overall, it was a wonderful experience and we can't wait to eat there again!

Thai Nine is one of the best restaurants that I have eaten at. Every time I go there the service is always excellent and the staff is knowledgeable and friendly. I would recommend Thai Nine to anyone who likes this type of cuisine.

We drove up from Cincinnati to eat at Thai 9...and we were very pleased. The food was fantastic, far better than any Thai food in Cincinnati, the sushi was's a cute place with lots of atmosphere...parking can be a slight challenge though. The prices are a tad high, but it's worth every penny!

This place is great (and addictive!) if you know what to order. The pad thai is sensational - perfect blend of spicy and sweet. The spicy fried rice also hits the spot, and the curry is excellent. The sushi rolls are also very tasty - try the mexican roll for something a little different. And if you like bloody mary's, you'll be in heaven here! Great atmosphere and service as well... you'll love it.

Absolutely love this place. The food is great and the kitchen staff is willing to custom make any dish! Our faves are pad thai, chicken laap, and anything from the sushi menu. They also have great soups...yummy

Must try. very good

So, I don't avoid it, but I don't seek it out or crave it. Friends inevitably seem to suggest it when figuring out where to meet for dinner. Apparently it is the place to go. But I just don't think that this is because the food is anything spectacular, but for other reasons altogether.

But the food is... eh. Not bad, but not great either. I guess I'd call it pretty good. But it is certainly overrated and does not deserve the praise that it receives, in my opinion. The sushi is good, but not unlike anything that you can get at the other places in town. Every time I've had the curry it seemed that rich flavors were replaced with an excess of salt. The drinks are overpriced.

My title pretty much says it all. The restaurant is in a great location and is absolutely beautiful. Wonderful job with the renovation of the building. It could certainly serve well for a romantic dinner or out with friends. But it is crowded on weekends and I don't think they take reservations.

If you like your dining out spicy, Thai 9 just may be your thing. With a contemporary but cozy atmosphere and excellent wait staff, Thai 9 serves up authentic, high quality Thai dishes such as Pad Thai, alongside some of the best sushi you'll find in town.

I contacted the manager of the restaurant and discussed the matter with him. He referred me to the operations manager. I spoke with her, she found the receipt for the amount that I authorized, but then she asked me to provide a copy of my statement to ""prove"" that they submitted an amount greater than the signed receipt. They have finally acknowledged the overcharge but to date have failed to correct it. I had to notify my credit card company of the fraudulent charge.

On my last visit there, I noticed that they charged my credit card (comparing my receipt with the cc statement) for an amount significantly more than what I had authorized.

I been to thai 9 about 5 times since I have move to dayton, but every time I have gone there the food has gone down. Its is a great place to have drinks and but as for good thai or any kind of oriental food I would rate this as fair. I don't mind paying for good food but or the food they create and the money you spend does not add up. There are other Places in dayton that are a little cheaper but the food quality is 100% times better. Also to when I go to a Thai restaurant or any Oriental place I look and see how many of our people are there eating and in my times of being there usually the only Asian there dining. If Thai 9 wants to stay in business redo your menu and improve quality.

This is a great Thai restaurant. The atmosphere is very cool. The flavor of my Thai Spicy chicken was excellent and my bill was reasonable. The fact that they serve cold sake was a nice bonus for me. Definitely worth checking out. I'll be back the next time I'm in Dayton.

This is not the first time something like this has happened, but it was the last. My husband and I will not go to Thai 9 anymore, and do not recommend it to ANY of our friends, and have told everyone to save their time and money.

I then ordered a vegetarian meal, with spring rolls as an appetizer. The spring rolls never came and my vegetarian meal had chicken in it! The server did not seem to care at all, and we were not offered anything in compensation. Not only that, but the check came with the spring rolls still rung in! We had to track down our server to get it taken off. All and all it put a damper on our anniversary.

They hire teenagers to be the hostesses, and their attitudes are unbelievable! My husband and I went in for our one year wedding anniversary, and when we went to be sat, the girl could barely pull herself away from gossiping with her friend to seat us. Once she finally did, her attitude was horrible, it was clear she was annoyed with us. She sat us in the middle of the restaurant in a busy area. We asked if we could please be moved to a corner, away from the commotion, and she signed, rolled her eyes, snatched up the menus, and DROPPED them on a table in the corner, walking away annoyed back to her friend. When we mentioned her behavior to our waiter, he dismissed it.

I have been disappointed every time I have gone into this restaurant. I want to like it so badly because the atmosphere is really nice, and the food is good and reasonably priced, but every time I have gone in, the service has been horrible!