Chinese Restaurants deal by New Chopsticks Chinese Restaurant - Dublin, OH

If you were to judge this restaurant simply by its appearance, you wouldn't expect much when you order food from it. The exact opposite is true. The servings are large, the prices are low, and the food is very tasty. I recommend the curry chicken. The dining room is your typical diner style, no tablecloths, basic chairs and tables. But This makes a great place to stop in for lunch or get some takeaway.

I would HIGHLY recommend New Chopsticks if you like chinese food. They are very friendly and the food is amazing! I am in there so much the girl at the counter knows what I want before I even order! I usually get the pork fried rice and steamed dumplings and they are delicious. The rice isn't just brown rice and carrot and peas like some places serve. It has onions, carrots, peas, bean sprouts, and eggs. They are very generous with their portions for the amount of money you pay. This place is great and if you try I am sure you will agree!!!!

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New Chopsticks specializes in authentic Chinese cuisine like Seafood tofu hotpot, bittermelon with beef, beef stew with radish (All recommended) to more generic dishes like Chicken with broccoli or shrimp pad thai. There are also special dishes like fried pork intestines or chinese vegetable tofu soup. Just ask the hostess, and she will gracefully try to make the dish you'd like for the night.

This is a great place to eat. If you want an affordable lunch special for $3.99, its the place to be. Also, they have great Pad Thai and if you call ahead, they will have your food ready within 5-10 minutes.

I can't believe this place got so many positive reviews. I've had better Chinese food from the freezer at Giant Eagle. Unless you like bland, avoid this place.

This may be the worst Chinese Food I've ever had. We started with the Crab Rangoon, which isn't bad, although mostly the shell wth a dime-size amount of crab and cream cheese. The Chicken Pad Thai was horrible. It tasted like bland egg noodles, no flavor whatsoever. The fried rice was equally bland. The Sesame Chicken had lots of flavor, unfortunately it tasted exactlyt like gooey soy sauce with about 5 sesame seeds on top.

DONT GO THERE! Horrible food!! I was on here looking for a good chinese place to eat and saw not too bad review so I thought I'd try it. BIG mistake! I ordered the sweet and sour chicken with lomein. First the chicken doesn't come with any sides and it was $6.85 for a large portion that contained 8 pieces of tiny chicken. Second the lomein noodles had NO flavor! No vegtables or anything in it just greasy no flavor noodles. I also ordered a side of fried rice. Same thing no flavor and just rice...what happened to little pieces of carrots or onions? Something?! I will NEVER go back. I warn you! Too expensive and crappy food!