Sushi Bars deal by - Dublin, OH

Actually, excellent suhi PERIOD! This place is not full of frills or belts and whistles, rather it's full of flavor and superb customer service! (which is what I look for!) We do take out when we feel like having a healthy alternative, and absolutely love it. I love their sashimi and dragon like sushi(can't remember the name) I do however think it's a bit pricey!

the sushi is fresh. One specialty sushi is crisp on the top and juicy inside. i have ask the chef to made the one that i like and he did^^.

One word: undiscovered gem.

We liked it so much that we went there twice in three days! Has a large TV screen, yet is comfortable enough for a soft conversation. Pleasant contemporary atmosphere, young nice looking personnel. Good seafood selection, beautiful presentation, exceptional service, excellent value. Edamame cooked to perfection, Sashimi Deluxe to die for!

I love sushi and all things Japanese, but was inexplicably hesitant to try this place. When a Japanese friend recommended it, I tried and was not disappointed. This is not your fancy-pants, high art, expensive decor kinda place, but with sushi this good, who cares? I love how friendly the service is, how humble yet immaculately clean the restaurant, and the variety of Japanese classics on the menu. (I'm a big fan of oshinko - pickles- and sunomono - vinegared cucumber and seafood salad.) The prices are really reasonable for sushi, too. (Compare with other sushi bars in the neighborhood - you'll see!) Most impressive to me was the temperature of the sushi - you just can't taste sushi when it's too cold, but theirs is dead-on. Not a supersexy place for a romantic evening or impressing high rollers, but absolutely perfect for a friendly lunch or family dinner.

I'm not a sushi expert, so take my opinion on the food for what it's worth, but I am a customer service expert, having been a server myself for several years and the service here is the worst I've had in a long time. I ran out with some co-workers for a ""quick lunch"" and ended up spending TWO HOURS there between waiting to get our food and waiting to get our checks. The food came out in bits and pieces over about an hour and many things weren't correct. One person I was with almost didin't get his lunch at all, but eventually got his soup and sushi together about 40 minutes after the first person at the table had gotten her food. The checks took a good 20 minutes to get and several were wrong when we did get them. All we got from the server and manager were several ""I'm sorry""s, but nothing was taken off the check. Needless to say, we won't be back.

First (and the last) time in this place, we were greeted by friendly staff and their pet c0ckroach (we named him Diego), who was calmly dining on the floor next to us. When I picked Diego up with my chopsticks and gave it our waiter, owner came out and said that this is the first c0ckroach ever and that him and Diego have never met before. When we paid our bill in-full, we were offered free bottle of cheap beer. What a classy little guy that owner is! I hope our $230 check will help him cover treatment from Ohio Exterminating.

The food is very nice. I highly recommend the Tiger Roll. The service ... I've seen nicer. Everyone there looks like they are tired. I hardly ever see a happy face. If you are there for the food, I would recommend. If you're there for a romantic date night, maybe try someplace else.