Chinese Restaurants deal by ​​​​China ​House - Euclid, OH

Horrible food!! Just horrible!!!! I've tried them twice and both times my food went in the trash. Wasted money.......never again will I give them another chance!!!! Horrible attitudes too!!! Don't understand how they remain in business. Everyone that I know that has tried their food feels the same as I do!!!! Save your money!!!!

If u eat there ur gonna get sick... So if u want to get outta school/work this is the place to go

Geeze, we get food from China House all the time. Never got sick, never threw it away. Tastes good, ready fast.

The food is alright. They switches up workers, and that do have something to so with the food. My son got food from there and it had glass in it. It really vary with this place.