Italian Restaurants deal by Milillo's Pizza - Hamilton, OH

Excellent pizza! If you love cheese, you'll die for one of their pies. And speaking of pies, they are well known also for their fresh baked dessert pies!! It is family owned and operated and they take great pride in their community involvement.

I live in Florida now and the only thing I miss about Hamilton is Milillo's pizza! They have the best pizza I have ever eaten! Nothign down here even comes close!! This is what pizza is all about!

First off, this place is just plain dirty. The employees are not much better, and the management is, quite frankly, obnoxious. I am a real customer, taking the time to write this, so you don't have the same experience. These are the kind of people to short-change you, aside from the fact that the food is overpriced and at best, passable. Do yourself a favor and stay away.

This is the best pizza and subs and I am sorry I can't get it after moving south. The family owned business has been there for years and we ate there once a week and never was it dirty. It is one of a kind and not some franchise whose sauce is out of a can from the local factory and tastes like it was from a can. You will not find that here. If someone doesn't like it, they should just move on and not trash it on the internet. Some people grew up on fast food and wouldn't know the difference between a clown and quality original food.

My family and I live for Friday night pizza and appetizers. I will never try this place again. We figured it must be good food to dictate the prices they charge, but, boy were we wrong. My order was incomplete when I came for pick-up, they told me it was almost done, and made me wait while they STARTED cooking it. Meanwhile, the pizza got cold and soggy. They actually argued with me that it was my fault. the manager didn't even care to end a PERSONAL phone call to speak with me. My advice: avoid this place.

Oh, isn't it amazing, while I have nothing to do with them, cept eating there, several of the reviews written here are by managers at other pizza places and a couple are from Dadabbo family members (they own Chesters)

Well, why don't you call them and ask them. I have no affiliation with them at all. Except for been a customer my entire life. My parents were buying their pizza in the 60's and I have never stopped. I know this upsets idiots like you. If you can go in and take a photo of the place dirty, I'll pay you 1000 cause it has not happened. The customer area is always spotless. Those are the people that are lying. But, believe what you want. Like I said, call them, ask if they know me.. They do know me as the facebook guy as I created their facebook page.

Anyone care to bet if Greg D. Swagler is a family member/friend of this restaurant? Check out his review. This just takes away credibility of those who are giving honest reviews.

I dream about this pizza, we live in Austin, TX but when we visit family this is our first stop. Best pizza we have ever had.

I can't believe the bad reviews this place has gotten, they must be competitors b/c there is NO WAY you could complain about this pizza! Ok, the only thing you could complain about would be the prices, BUT, they put tons of toppings on the pizza and they are Quality toppings, so it's actually worth it if you want a Quality, one of a kind, secret recipe pizza! The cheese is the best cheese ever, very luscious! The sausage, peperoni, green peppers, and onions are awesome, that's all I've tried but I'm sure they are all great. Plus, the peanut butter cookies they make are TO DIE FOR!!! The restaurant is cute, cute paintings on the front of the counter, and just a great, family owned joint! Not dirty at all, smells great inside! The employees are Very nice! Sometimes I go in there when I'm in a hurry just to grab a bag of peanut butter cookies and they always wait on me right away.

This is the kind of food you grow up with, its hit or miss if you're an out-of-townie. Milillo's Fairfield Pizza and pies around.