Chinese Restaurants deal by Joey Chang's - Hilliard, OH

Chinese Restaurants deal by Joey Chang's - Hilliard, OH

The decor was awful. The music was awful and too loud. The music was sappy elevator music. Next came the drinks. All the drinks taste like bottom shelf liquor. The only taste was burning. The service was fast but the waiter argued with me about my selection. The chicken was mostly fat and skin. My wife's food also tasted only like burning and nothing else. It was not good at all. I don't know why but I took the leftovers home with me. My car stunk for days. Bar none the worst restaurant experience I have ever had in Columbus. Skip this place.

I'm surprised by the other two reviews. Okay, so the decor is a little on the gaudy side. But the padded chairs are really comfy. And the wallpaper...I heard it was actually all hand-painted and cost something like $10,000. The food is great, especially for vegetarians. I like spicy, unique food, and Joey Chang's has something different than all the other places. They can substitute tofu for most of the meat dishes, and they have a great kung pao sauce, a yummy avocado curry sauce, and they even have fried bananas for dessert. If you have a really plain sense of taste (i.e. meat and potatoes) maybe you wouldn't like Joey Chang's. Otherwise, this place has lots to offer.

The first thing you'll notice is the decor! Wow! Whoever came up with that had some, er, 'imagination.' We were seated promptly, and the service was very good, but the food itself was pretty average - nothing terrible, but nothing to make you want to go back.

This restaurant has changed it's name over the years, but it consistantly has the best fried dumplings in Columbus. For those diners who consider egg foo yung to be authentic Chinese cuisine the place is probably too upscale. The Sunday brunch is a bit pricier than most all-you-can-eat fast food buffets, but the variety and quality of dishes is excellent.

Not sure what the last person was talking about; but, maybe they should brush their teeth every once in awhile. Maybe then they wouldn't taste a ""burning"" taste in their mouth. As for Joey Chang's, when you enter you are made to feel as if you are supposed to be there. Next, you receive fast and courteous service. The food is the gem of the whole dinning experience. The owners of Joey's are great and appreciate the fact that we frequent their establishment at least twice a week. Keep up the good work and great food............

For a sit down restaurant regarded as a high caliber restaurant, the food is lousy. I ordered a veg. spring roll, which most of the outside wrapper fell off and the tightly packed filling had no flavor. For the main course I ordered the soggy cashew chicken. It tasted like a whole bottle of soy sauce was dumped on it. The chicken pieces had cartilage throughout. I could not eat it, what a waste. This was a take out order and I was not about to drive back to hear them say, ""sorry you did not like it, we not take back"". For the price I paid the food should be quality!!

We are a local hotel in the Hilliard area. Recently, we added Joey Chang's to our list of recommended area restaurants. Definitely a good move! I had a guest return and tell me the food was outstanding, especially for those who like vegetarian fare.

Great place for lunch or dinner.

They have a great selection on their menu from Chinese to some Thai foods. The sizzling rice soup is fantastic as are their selection of dumplings for appetizers.

I have been going to Joey's since it opened and it is the best Chinese food in town with the exception of Asian Cuisine and maybe some of the great stuff at the North Market.

I have tried many chinese restaurants over the years and I believe Joey Chang's to be among the very best. The other reviewers that weren't impressed must be from the competition or had a rare bad experience. Food is excellent! Service is very good! AND they just recently updated the lobby too. I am very happy to have some of the best chinese I've ever had so close to home

I have been a fan of Joey Changs since they opened...I have never once had a bad meal. The Hot and Sour Soup, Kung Pau Chicken, Garlic Chicken, and everything else on the menu is second to none. Simply put, the food is reasonably priced for he quality you get, and take out can last you for 2 or 3 days! Nothing else comes close.

I tried Joey Chang's tonight for the first time and was impressed by the cuisine. Everything was fresh, flavorful and two hours later I'm still full. :) Definitely a place I would frequent as I have tried other Chinese restaurants in the area and was not pleased at all.