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This location has something for everyone with a selection of gourmet salads, pizzas, subs, wings, desserts, and more! We also offer catering for special events. We look forward to serving our Hilliard residents for years to come. For a look at our menu, visit If you are interested in becoming a Cottage Inn franchisee, visit

After years of being a weekly customer, I have chosen to never buy another pizza from this establishment. Recently, the owner answered the phone and took my call (I did not find this out until after the pizza was delivered). He told me it would be delivered in 25-35 minutes. An hour later I called to see where my pizza was and informed the girl on the phone that, as a regular customer, I was very upset with the service. She said he should be there shortly. 20 minutes later he showed up with my door with my cold pizza, lots of excuses, no apology and no drinks. I called back to speak with the manager, who then informed me that it was the owner who had delivered the pizza. He sent out the drinks, but I can't possibly consider lining the owner's pockets with my hard earned money. He (the owner) did nothing to try to rectify the situation. It's too bad for the guys who have to work for him...hopefully they can find something better somewhere else.

They claim its ""Gourmet"" pizza, I dont see it. Flat pie with no taste. Veggies are diced up small, and sprinkled on the pie. The sauce is bland and tasteless. Crust is like stiff cardboard. Id call this below average pie...I wont be going back.

With a new owner, and fresh product, the pizza can actually be pretty darn good, Some people here have been lucky enough to get a pie on a good day. Until he can sell the place, go somewhere else.

The owner (Mak) started off with a cost-recouping plan right from the start, rather than a business building, or customer retention plan. Now, he is trying to minimize his losses by short ordering, serving expired product, and squeezing every last nickel from the customer.

The frozen lasagna they make is actually pretty decent, IF it doesn't languish in the cooler for a month. Then, it might give you some problems.

They may have passed the most recent health inspections, but I've seen mold and bugs on the pre-made pizza crusts more times than I can count. In order to save money, the store often serves wilted lettuce for salads, slimy green peppers and onions, and numerous other expired products.

The product itself (the pizza) can be actually really good at times, but often it's sub-par to inedible.

The current owner has no real sense for how to run a pizza shop, at all.

I used to work at this place, and it has its horror stories.

We have been regulars for a while and ordered pretty frequently. However, we are no longer ordering again. The last delivery we had they delivered it late, no compensation for it, and someone actually called us back and left us a msg saying that they will no longer deliver to us anymore! who does that!? the pizza can taste good for sure, but the last time they even did not put the crust flavoring on and that can make a world of difference. I recommend trying another local place in town, there are plenty that will serve you better and offer better pizzas.

New management and crew has this place moving up. Great food