Chinese Restaurants deal by Asian Garden Buffet - Lewis Center, OH

I have to say I HATED my experience at this buffet. I've been to alot of buffets around Cleveland and Columbus and this buffet is the worst I've ever been to. I went there Sunday around 7:00pm which is dinner time. A normal buffet usually brings out crab legs every 10-15 minutes but this buffet was STINGY! There's an old asian lady who monitors the food in the buffet area and she pretty much keeps an eye on what you're eating. I was there for a little over an hr and she only brought out the crab legs ONCE! Someone had went to ask her for more crab legs and she made a gesture like wait until that big group of people leave. Which I found offensive considering I was with a group of 5 people and we all had probably 3 pieces of crab each because they barely put any out! On top of that my son is barely 2 yrs old and they charged him and he didnt even eat! Most of the food was old and just too salty. Also when I went to the lady's restroom they didnt even turn the lights on! I couldnt believe how cheap they where! It was around $10/per person it was NOT WORTH THE MONEY! Very dissappointed!



When It was time to go I walked up to the register paid with a credit card, and then asked if I could get change for a ten (so i could tip). The lady then was rude again and asked what i wanted back. I said a five and five 1's. And she again hatefully said "HERE YOU GO!" and flipped it at me and then walked away...

When we first walked in the old lady looked at us and said one minute very rudely before she took the time to sit us, then when she did she again was hateful and acted annoyed when we both said we wanted water.

My fiance and I LOVE to try out new chinese restaurants. Unlike most of the other comments, our food was actually pretty enjoyable for the most part. (Besides the sushi, it tasted old and dry). HOWEVER, WE RECEIVED TERRIBLE SERVICE!!

Also the workers seems to put effort in their work espicially the waitresses so i dont mind giving them tip (since its their pay source i guess) and overall i i like most of the food there (dislike roasted mushroom)

ok, overall this isnt a bad place, this area may not be perfect like 5 star but its a nice area to hang out to chat and eat and ok avg price. people there might give u som hard time but deal with it and it can pass, and if u eat there i reccommend you not eat too full or if u do sit for a while to calm down, if ur a type that dont like chinese/asain food jus naturally like me n toco then dont come n eat it. u urself will kno if the is ur taste!

o-o (where when did i started saying about my opinion of the resturant and i guess its ok to tell them about that little story as well)

its $7.05 for a person without drink and $8.75 for a person with drink for lunch and it ends at 3:30pm and after 3:30 pm whoever enters trigger the start of the dinner time! For dinner it $11 for a person without drink and $12.70 with drink. this is a all you can eat buffet but dont eat beyond wat ur tummy can hold or else its ganna be a pain! yes i somwat agree that som of the waitress has som issue lik hearing or talking cuz there are som words i cant understand and som that doesnt get what i am saying til i got a person who can say it much clearer or write it down so they can read it! i have also notice that once in a while(few month or mor) theres like a new waitress in the resturant, not sure how long since she has started but i also see that each check is just mark as drink or no drink with a buffet on it and it jus seems that they relied on their memories to memorize the drink for wat table and i think its actually no surprising that they get 1 or 2 mistake in there memorizing! somtime i heard food taste bad from other peoples but it probably different taste they have for example i somhow hate toco for no appearant reason jus 1 bit and ...toss aside :P i dont get why! also business are going bad so i rarely tried to complain and ended up jus asking my way through! its ok to repeat were all idiots in a certain point its not like im a strait a student in som school.