Italian Restaurants deal by Christy's Pizza - Newark, OH

Save your money, the sauce tastes like friggin ketchup with oregano in it. The cheese was horrible and the toppings almost non-existent. I think 30 bucks for 2 large pizza's with almost no toppings that arrived burnt is rediculous!!

This place is me and my fiances favorite pizza place in Newark, The people are always sooo nice and helpful never snotty, even on the phone. Food is amazing and very good prices, very affordable! I love it!

I worked for Christys Pizza several years ago and found that the owner LORI AMOS, alowed her employees to insult me, disrespect me in every way, vandalize my property, steal from me on a daily basis and required me and other employees to WORK OFF THE CLOCK FOR FREE!!!!! If we did not work off the clock we were stripped of our deliveries!!! Thus costing us money!!! When I went to Lori about thease issues, all she had to say was: I cannot control all the goings on in my shop! She refused to do anything about any of thease issues and continued to discriminat against me by sbjecting me to a different set of rules than everyone else that was stacked against me! Her pizza shop has so many heath code violations I cannot count them all!!!! For exampl,just to name a few: they do not SANITIZE dishes at all! They rinse dishes in COLD water! They mop the dineing room floor with luke-warm water with NO DETERGANT OF ANY KIND! They store pizza boxes less than 6 INCHES form the floor! (A MAJOR HEATH CODE VIOLATION)! If the board of health came in this pizza shop, they would close it down in an instant! I finally just gave up with Lori and everyone there and resigned! I would not go back to work at Christys Pizza if Lori was on knees begging me and I was dying of starvations and she was the LAST EMPLOYER ON EARTH!!! WORST AND MOST UNSANITARY RESTRANT IN TOWN ANYWHERE EVER!!!!!! Do not eat there and most importantly, (DO NOT WORK THERE)!!!!!!

I never write reviews, but I HAD to because I had a pizza from here yesterday and it was the BEST I have EVER had in Newark by FAR!! I think it's the first fast food pizza I've ever had that wasn't really greasy at all which is the best part. I hate super greasy pizza. And the sauce was AMAZING! The person who commented about the pizza having little to no toppings either has never eaten here or maybe it was made like that a long time ago, because I would say that if you don't like a lot of toppings on your pizza you should ask for light toppings because our pizza had TONS of toppings on it...sooo good. My fiance and I LOVED this pizza, and the lady who answered the phone said it would be 45-55 min. but I'm pretty sure it came much quicker than that. I loved this pizza so much I wish I had some right now, and it's only 8:30am. I will never order pizza from anywhere else in Newark again, and I will be telling all of my friends to order from this place.

I have had this pizza few times and they are usually awsome. This last time I tried them there was a 1 1/2 foot hair in the pizza. I called them but they didn't answer the phone. If you order from this pizza shop you had better ask if they wear hair nets first!

Me and my fam love to eat this pizza. The taste is amazing, I love the thick cheese that they put on there.

You call at 11:46 and don't answer the phone and then when they finally answer the phone at 11:52 they say we don't have the time to make your food I was really disappointed because they make good pizza