Italian Restaurants deal by Phil's Inn Restaurant - Port Clinton, OH

The outside looks like one of those little dives that probably has great food when you get inside. Don't be fooled - it looks bad and it is bad. Poor service. Ugly decor. Food is very, very mediocre. I had the Phil's special - you'd think it would be good if they put their name on it - but it was instead an overdone sirloin burger on soggy bread. Seriously. Don't eat here. Whatever you spend will be too much.

I recommend it from my heart (and stomach)!!

It's inexpensive with delicious food and friendly staff.

I have been going to Phil's for many years and it is a mainstay of the city. It's sauce is well known, unique and delicious! I buy jars of it to give to family and friends at Christmas and the veal parmigiana is to die for. It doesn't look like much inside or out but the food is ALWAYS good as well as the service.