Chinese Restaurants deal by Hong Kong Buffet - Toledo, OH

The place is clean, the atmosphere is relaxing, and the staff are friendly. For all of these things the price of dinner is only 10$, and during lunch it's about 7$. Very competitive and cost friendly prices.

Did I mention there is a dessert bar to and hand dipped ice cream?

The buffet is huge, offering everything from chicken fingers to a full raw bar and grill, Mongolian bbq style! You'll have to try everything, as I just about did. There isn't much that doesn't suit someone's appetite. If you'd like a salad, make one. If you'd like an unlimited helping of crab legs, go for it.

This place had just opened when we went there and I had already heard good things. The decor is beautiful. You can tell they really try to capture the Chinese spirit. Your going to be surprised when you step in and walk over a built in pond and water fountain.

I think they must've hired Monica and Tess for chefs. Because the food was outstanding! I couldn't find anything I didn't like, with the exception of the Chinese pastries. They all taste about the same. They're pretty and decorative, but not very tasty. But otherwise, the food was exquisite! If you want to impress your date, this is the place to go! Thank you Hong Kong Buffet for providing such a delightful tasty experience! God Bless You, Stan andMary Leverett

Best Buffet in Toledo hands down