Chinese Restaurants deal by Great Asian Restaurant - Westerville, OH

The food here is delicious!

Platter. The curry was truly fantastic and the sashimi was a great value. The fish was fresh and I was impressed with the selections and the amount of fish. However, it was not a fantastic sashimi, just very good. This restaurant is worth visiting.

I'm so excited that we now have a quality Japanese and Thai restaurant so nearby. My wife had a curry dish and I had the sashimi player

The food here is awesome!! I eat a LOT of Asian and normally cannot eat Thai due to fish sauce allergies, not many make their curries from scratch. I had the Malaysian Curry and my husband had the Sashimi Platter and said it was a great dish too. We will definitely be back often. Did not expect Thai, Japanese, Chinese and Malaysian from the name and in Westerville! :)

This is a great place to eat for any Asian food you want. The place is nice, updated and clean. For sushi it's wonderful. Great service too.

Surprised, especially for Westerville. You can tell the rolls are made to order because the nori is crisp. My rating might be higher, but only have been there twice. The Tsos and Udon were both very good.