Chinese Restaurants deal by Hunan Express - Youngstown, OH

I was amazed when i came here and the food and the restaurant. I don't think people are true about bad stuff of this place

I WON"T go back!!!

Maybe its just a coincidence, that everytime I have eaten there something is wrong.

But try it for yourself and let us know what you think.

I did notice their operating permit isn't posted.

Someone needs to send the health dept. in for an inspection!

I can't believe they are still in business.

The Hot and Spicy chicken is Horrid, Can't identify the odd flavor in that ( Thank GOD)

Looked like it was saved from the day before.

The vegetables are over cooked and skunky, I ordered more than 1 dinner when some friends came over, and they were very inconsistant. I dish was just OK but did have fresh green brocolli, while the other had brown over cooked brocolli that was falling apart.

The few shrimps you might get are very small and under cooked,

Hard to identify whats in the egg rolls????

The beef strips you get in the food is fatty and tough. ( just try the mongolian beef if you dare)

When I got the wrong order, and called to complain they wanted me to bring it back so they could fix it, instead of just fixing me a new dish. If you order steamed rice they will try and give you fried, or won ton soup instead of hot and sour.

If a man answers the phone, he can't speak english and will give you something different than what you ordered.

I have eaten there maybe 8 times and always something wrong with the food or a mix up in the order.

So the previous reviewer “philosopher” is mad that the people at the Chinese restaurant speak Chinese for their first language and that they won’t give him free food. LOL. What a joke. This place is wonderful. Super fast, friendly, and delicious. Especially for the price.