Italian Restaurants deal by Nicolinni's Ristorante - Youngstown, OH

Although this restaurant has the best Briar Hill in town...the speed and courtesy of the service is missing. I been to nicolinni's many times and the wait for our food has always been long and most of the time worth it, but Friday August 10th was the all time worst service ever in any restaurant I have ever been in and I been in a lot! I went with my mother, my sister, my 8 month old and my sisters 2 grade school children. 20 minutes to get a server to get our drinks(we should have left then, but this is not unusual for nicolinnis), we put our food order in with our drinks and that must have made someone in the kitchen cranky!!!! We watched table after table sit down, get there food and leave. An hour and a half later and repeated polite requests for bread and drinks, I asked to see the manager. The young waitress I asked was rude and so was the cook who was the manager that evening. I was not the only table complaining, another women who came after us was complaining with me and she got her food first!!!!! That was the icing on the cake we left without our food. Its a shame they have good food, but poor management.

We have been to Nicolini's many times and sometimes the wait is a little long, but the food is well worth it. I have been there when the service was excellent also.

A great restaurant with a great Italian decor. The food is always great,from their Briarhill pizza to their fish Francis.The service is very good and the prices you can't beat! I strongly recommend this restaurant and I've eaten at a lot of places around the country and for the food,service, and prices,it is well worth going to!